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we don't stop dancing because we grow old,

we grow old because we stop dancing


Classes for Adults

We offer a complete suite of adult classes that cater to different forms of dance. Our classes are taught by trained professionals who have the experience to take the newest or most experienced student to the next level!


Our state of the art facility features full-wall mirrors to keep awareness of body alignment and reinforced wood floors that absorb impact, providing a safe dancing and learning environment for dancers of all ages.

If you are doing the best you can under

your current circumstances, then kick up

your heels and dance!



Ballet is the foundation of dance. The fundamentals of ballet will be taught using classical ballet technique. Each class will concentrate on proper alignment, lift, turnout, terminology, and style.

Hip Hop

A street dance class mixing funk and hip hop with video dance styles. This class has an intense warm up, then focuses on choreography, combinations, and connecting with the performer inside of you!


A fast paced dance that is matched to upbeat, rhythmic music. Dancers will focus on turns, leaps, jazz technique, and combinations. A concurrent ballet class is recommended to enhance strength and technique.


Tap requires a great deal of rhythm and coordination, and can be a challenging style of dance. Tap is a rhythmic and percussive dance performed wearing shoes fitted with metal taps. Dancers have fun and make noise!

Hip Hop

They care not only about teaching your child dance but also about the health of your child's feet. How many studio's install with high quality floors to prevent injury! They make sure your child is safe. I highly recommend them.

- CAROL N., parent

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