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twinkle star danceTM program


Twinkle Star Dance

We are excited to offer the Twinkle Star DanceTM curriculum into our fun and educational classes for dancers ages 2-6!

Is your child ready for dance class?

  • Dancers must have had their 2nd birthday by September 30th of the current year

  • Dancers must easily separate from their caregiver and be able to follow the loose structure of the class. 

  • Dancers may join at any time from September through January, if there is space available in the class


The four pillars of Twinkle Star Dance that make up the Twinkle Star Method


Twinkle Babies

Ages 2-3

Our exclusive Twinkle BabiesTM dance class is a thirty minute introductory dance class that is unique and important in the dance industry. The secret to the class is that it is structured and fun! It contains ballet and creative movement. Young dancers learn the basic steps while learning how to follow direction and imitate movement in a positive environment. Engaging music is used to get these little dancers inspired to dance. The use of props such as “Twinkle Bears”, hula hoops, and maracas, enables the young dancers to use their imagination, creativity, and most of all have fun!

Ages 4-5 & 5-6

Twinkle Stars

An age specific 45 minute class containing ballet, tap, and jazz/creative movement. The purpose of the class is to introduce young dancers to the three styles of dance and inspire movement and creativity within a positive environment. Dancers will also learn basic steps and terminology in all three styles. For example, all dancers will learn what a plie is and how to demonstrate one. The use of fun, age appropriate music engages the young dancers minds and bodies. The use of props such as hula hoops for the “freeze dance” makes the end of class the most fun!

Twinkle Babies
Twinkle Stars

What to Expect:

Lauren Martinich-McWain is the owner and operator of In Motion Dance Studio, a dance instructor and choreographer, and dance parent! She writes a letter to all parents of young dancers on what to expect for their child's first dance class, coming from the perspective as both an instructor and parent.

Do you have additional questions for our team? We'd love to speak with you about whether dance is the perfect fit for your child.

A letter from one parent to another!

What To Expect

A Letter from Miss Lauren:

       We are very excited to welcome your little one to our Twinkle Babies DanceTM program. New dancers will come into the classroom very slowly, but always make the most measurable progress by the end of the year! We look forward to seeing all of the beautiful little dancers dressed in pink. I know that as a parent you have a vision for how you think the first day will go. I am writing this letter to give you perspective and reassurance on what to expect for their first day, and ways in which it may not go as you expect. Take this advice with a grain of salt: all children are different and react uniquely in different situations! 


       Usually a brand new 2 year old will cling to their parent as they walk in the studio door, as they are unaware of their environment. Everything to them is new! Please arrive early on the first day in order to get them acclimated to their new teacher and surroundings.


       Separation anxiety is one of the most common issues on the first day: you may overcome this by explaining to your child before they arrive that their loved one will watch them on the TV during the class and that you won’t leave. 


       Our Twinkle BabiesTM class is designed as a teacher/child class. Our policy is that all parents need to be in the lobby when class is in session. We also need to keep the door to the studio closed during class in order to avoid any wandering dancers. We will work with you and your child to achieve success in bringing happy dancers into the classroom without an adult. This is a gradual process for most babies!


       Have you ever noticed that when one 2 year old begins to cry, the others follow suit? We have observed this over and over at the studio and it is why we need to have any crying child wait outside the dance room with their parent until they feel confident to come back in. We know this sounds harsh, but we will make every attempt to calm your child and get them to rejoin the class that we possibly can before we ask the parent to exit the room. Sometimes, the child is actually upset just being in the room, so you may calm them down more effectively after you exit. In the past, we have let the parent of an unsure child remain in the room with the child; we found that this practice can distract other dancers and create the inability for the parent to leave the room in subsequent weeks. The child has learned, “my mommy stays with me!” as a result.


       Most of the time, our little dancers come into the room right away and never look back. Sometimes little dancers are just not ready for a teacher/child class. As parents, we won’t know until we try! Please remember that it sometimes takes a few weeks in order for the child to warm up to the idea, even if they LOVE to dance. 


       Lastly, our goal on the first day is to get every child into the class without an adult and without crying. If we have done that, we have succeeded! Please don’t be alarmed if your child just stands in her hula hoop and stares at the teacher jumping up and down. They are simply observing their environment. They will dance when they are ready!


       We hope you all have a positive experience at our studio. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions or concerns. 



The smile and excitement that radiated from my daughters face at the end of the class was an instant sign of approval!!! She has been going for a few months now and we look forward to dance day every single week!!!!

- MAYMEE L., parent

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